Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This week in milestones...

So I realize these particular posts are probably only really interesting to, well... us, and maybe grandparents, but I like that I have a place to log these things so we can keep track of all this fast growth!  We're less than 2 weeks away from 6 months (how did that happen?) and Beau seems to be right on track with where he "should" be in the milestone department.  I kind of hate the "shoulds" because really they all get there when they get there and there's no use in feeling crappy about why your baby isn't where he "should" be if they just need a little more time! Each milestone comes when it comes and for us they're all exciting no matter when they happen!

This week Beau has definitely increased his strength in sitting alone.  He's almost there completely!  He's been able to sit propped forever... something crazy like 8 weeks, but lately he's really been trying to sit on his own a ton.  He can definitely do the "tripod sit" (where he balances with his hands) and still timbers over occasionally but it's just crazy how quickly he turned into my little sitter!  And he's all about trying to do sit ups while lying down. Too cute!  (And we're clearly going to be in trouble once he does master that one... diaper changes I can see are already becoming a squirmy challenge!)

He's been rolling over this way and that for some time now as well, but nothing was ever all that consistent.  He'd have a day here and there where he'd roll over a million times but then a few weeks would pass and he wouldn't roll once.  He'd also started rolling over in bed but would completely freak out crying because he didn't want to be there and didn't seem to remember that he could actually get himself out of this little predicament.  Yesterday was the first day that I looked into the monitor to find him sleeping on his tummy!  I couldn't believe it since he usually has a fit.  I hoped that this would give us a longer nap (and tried to trust that he could breathe ok!)... I know I sleep best on my tummy, but alas it didn't help.  Once he woke up I saw his head lift and look around like a turtle... then I imagine he got confused and the tears started.  I also woke to him fussing in the night in this same situation.  I have no idea if he'd been sleeping on his tummy prior to waking that time, or if he had just flipped and got upset by it.  But now that this seems to be a recurring theme, I'm hoping that he'll start sleeping a little better... one can dream.

And finally, we have a Chatty Charlie over here!  He's been quite the vocal one for months now, finding his voice more and more every day, but this last week I remember thinking that I had heard a "da-da" or two mixed in his usual chatter.  Prior to that we had a ton of squealing and oohs and ahs and grunts and just general noisiness.  But I can now say he has officially found his consonants!  It's amazing to me how one day you think he slipped in a "da-da" to now.... "dadadadadadadada..." (all day!).  Poor Andy... we joke that he thought I was talkative!  The man can't get a word in edgewise between and Beau and me!   Thankfully I know not to take too much stock in his first word of choice... seeing as though it's the easiest consonant to say rather than necessarily his favorite parent ;)

I realize this video is kind of anti-climactic but the monitor video is easiest because he can't see me capturing it!  Oh, and that yucky noise in the background is me stirring my oatmeal.  Awesome.

Oh... and Beau thinks it's hilarious when I say "da-da-da" or "be-be-be" to him (I try "ma-ma-ma" but the d's and b's are clearly funniest!)  It's like he's thinking "YES!  That's what I'VE been saying!  You get me mom, you REALLY get me!" (Or more realistically he likes the tickles).  I'll attach a video of that below.  But I have to say capturing these moments on video is getting harder and harder.. he's totally on to us and stops everything and is just mesmerized by the camera these days.  So we try the sneak attack with the camera which works every once in a while.  Please excuse the old haggard lady in this video.  She's not a looker, but she's the woman I um hired to take care of my baby :)
So that's this week!  Goodness this time is going quickly!

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  1. His little voice is so adorable!!! I cannot wait to meet him, and I love reading these, girl. Keep 'em comin'.


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