Monday, March 11, 2013

Beau's 1/2 Birthday!

So the 1/2 birthday in our family has become sort of a big deal over the years.  It started many years ago with my sister.  Growing up she would come in, on what seemed like a normal day, all offended (90% jokingly, 10% pretty darn serious) that we hadn't wished her a happy 1/2 birthday!  Later in life I'd get a phone call, "ahem... you didn't call to wish me a happy 1/2 birthday today!"  The family would laugh about it and say "Oh excuse me... how could I possibly forget??"... but once she had children of her own we started fully celebrating the 1/2 birthday.  From 1/2 cakes, to 1/2 cards (I like to cut them in half!), to singing half of Happy Birthday, it was always just an extra fun way to have another day to celebrate life!  So you can imagine that on Beau's true 1/2 birthday yesterday, I was rip roaring ready to celebrate (and fully plan to every year)!

When Beau woke it felt just as special to me as a full birthday!  That feeling of magic to the day, that special sense of "this is YOUR day" was definitely in the air.  Daddy and I went in (Faith and Sadie too) and played with Beau in the daybed in his room like I do every morning.  He was all laughs and smiles which always makes it incredibly fun!

Then we put Beau in his special birthday outfit that I had made from this shop on Etsy.  He looked SO cute in it I couldn't take it!  

Oh... and Beau has a girlfriend.  Sigh.  It's a long distance relationship (she's in Richmond), but thankfully she's actually SO friggin' adorable and sweet that I know she will treat him right :) One of the best parts?  Her name is Daisy...His name is Beau.  (Hello Dukes of Hazzard?!?) This was not planned.  Another best part? She and Beau share their birthday which is extra special so I sent her a special little outfit too.  Here they are in a side by side :)  Couldn't you just eat them up????!!!!
I love them!  Ok, back to our day.  Then we took Beau's usual monthly birthday photo in his chair with his Bear.  We usually put him in a onesie with his numbered tie, but this time we decided to put it on the Bear.  Beau seemed to know that just wasn't the right way to do it!

Next we went and played with some of Beau's new-to-him toys.  They were given to us at his baby shower but were for 6 months and up so we were excited to give them to him!   

Because yesterday was such a gorgeous day we went on a long walk as a family and enjoyed some much needed natural Vitamin D! Beau has graduated to the "big boy" seat in his stroller... milestones all around!  

After one of Beau's best naps ever (something we often struggle with in terms of length) it was time for the most exciting part of his day!  Solids!!!  We decided to wait until 6 months before introducing solids for many reasons.  Beau has had a tough time with his tummy and GI tract in general over the last 6 months so I didn't want to exacerbate an already immature digestive system.  Plus I feel pretty strongly about the benefits of exclusively breastfeeding for at least 6 months so I was in no hurry!  I would have likely gone even longer before introducing them, but he has been reaching for food, watching us eat, opening his mouth at the sight of food, etc. for weeks now.  So I had a feeling he was pretty ready to explore new flavors and textures!

Since we can't have actual cake just yet, we came in singing "Happy Half Birthday" (rather than just singing half the song) with his lit 1/2 candle by the bowl of sweet potato puree.  We also opened his 1/2 card and read it to him!  

Next we stripped him down to his real birthday suit and got started with the sweet potatoes!  He seemed to love them!  Grabbing at the spoon and shoving it into his own mouth... I couldn't believe what a big boy he has already become!  

After he started making this next face we decided he must be done (though he ate a ton of it!) and headed straight for his last fun-filled event of the day... his bath!

Whewww... I'm full!  

I can't believe how quickly he went from tripod sitting (supported with hands) to full on sitting and playing with his toys!  Now he sits up in his bath as well (with one of us very close by of course!).

My baby is growing up so fast!  How on earth did half of a whole YEAR go by already?!?  Looking forward to many more 1/2 birthdays, and full birthdays, and celebrating Beau's full life every single day of the year!

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